July Update

Well let’s see.
Ryan and his wife Bonnie welcomed a daughter Meghan in May.  Congrats to the couple.
Shaun and Tracey welcomed Mairin to their family on June 25th.

Shaun’s possibly got 2 projects on the go.  One seems to deal with the theme around being a Vice-president.  Hopefully we’ll see these soon.

First Post!

Never blogged in my life, but figured this will make a cool news page.
You’ll find info on what the Cassidy clan is up to these days.
What’s New????
Well if you haven’t heard,  Ryan & Bonnie are expecting their first child anytime now (unless it happened already).
Shaun and Tracey are not done yet expanding their brood.  Tracey is expecting #4 in May.  Best wishes to both families.