Shaun’s Career Timeline

From 1958 – Present

Saturday, September 27, 1958 – Shaun Paul Cassidy was born in Los Angeles


Appeared with his mom Shirley in the summer stock production of “On a Clear Day you can see Forever”


January“Morning Girl” is released in Europe

Sang the theme song for “Dawn: portrait of a Runaway”

Appeared in first TV movie “Born of Water”

June – Shaun graduates high school at Beverly Hills High

Held first public concert at the Aquarius Theater in L.A.

December – Shaun loses his father Jack in a tragic apartment fire.


January – First TV series “The Hardy Boys Mysteries” where he played Joe Hardy

Da Doo Ron Ron is released in the U.S.

June – Debut album “Shaun Cassidy” is released in the U.S. and goes double platinum before the year is through.

Appeared and sang on American Bandstand

November – “Born Late” is released on the U.S. market

Shaun gives his mom away when she marries Marty Ingels


First U.S. concert tour which starts in Salt Lake City, UT

Appears on the Goldie Hawn Special

Album “Under Wraps” is released

The Shaun Cassidy Special airs on TV

Shaun celebrates his “20th” birthday on TV with Dick Clark

Shaun is nominated for a Grammy award for “Best new artist” but unfortunately does not win.


The Hardy Boys end their run on TV

Album “Room Service” is released

Shaun appears in TV Movie “Like Normal People” playing Roger Meyers

Album “Shaun Cassidy Live” is released

December 1 – Shaun weds model Ann Pennington in backyard wedding.
Becomes stepfather to Jessica


Shaun stars in his second  TVseries “Breaking Away”

Album “Wasp” debuts


Appeared in the theater production “Barefoot in the Park”

Became a father with the birth of his daughter, Caitlin Ann on November 25


Appeared in the theater production “The Subject was Roses” and won the Critics
Circle award.


Appeared in the theater production of “Mass Appeal” at the Huntington Hartford Center


Appeared in the theater for “Pass/Fail” at the Mark Taper Forum

Appeared in the theater for “Loss of Roses” at the Berkshire Theater


Arrival of Shaun’s 2nd child, a son John “Jake” Pennington Cassidy on February 27

Appears in the theater production of “Triumph of the Spider Monkey” at the L.A.
Theater center

Stars in the TV Special movie “Breakfast with Les & Bess”


Appeared in the theater production of “Look Homeward Angel” at the Berkshire.


February 8 –  starred in a episode of Murder She Wrote entitled “Murder in a minor Key”

Appeared for 6 months as the drifter Dusty in General Hospital

Appeared in the production of “Diary of a Hunger Strike” and won the dramalogue award for best actor.
Appreared in the theatre production of “Dangerous Music” in Jupitor, Florida

March 19 – Guest starred in the TV series Alfred Hitchcock in the episode entitled“Hippocrittic Oath”
February – Guest starred in the TV series Matlock in the episode entitled“The Investigation”

Starred in the TV movie “Once upon a Texas Train” aka “Texas Guns”

Celebrates his 30th Birthday

Guest starred in the Roots continuing saga entitled “Roots:  Christmas”


Appeared in the production of “Romance,Romance” in Calgary, Alberta


Appeared in the London production of “Bus Stop” with Jerry Hall

Appeared in the production of “They’re playing our Song” in Toronto, Canada

Was the supervising producer & show developer for the TV series “Over mydead body” which never aired.


Co-produced & wrote the TV movie “Strays”


Shaun & Ann Cassidy dissolve their marriage after 13 years.


Wrote the TV movie “Midnight Run: Run for your life”

Appeared on Broadway with brother David in “Blood Brothers”


Married actress Susan Diol on May 7th

Created & Exec. produced the TV series “American Gothic”

Appeared as himself in a comedy spoof entitled “Your studio and you”


Created & produced the TV series “Roar”

Co-created the TV series “Players”


Executive produced the TV series “Hollyweird” which never aired.

Arrival of his 3rd child, daughter Juliet on March 19

Shaun turned the big “40”


Shaun’s daughter Caitlin graduates high school, and goes on to college.


Wrote & exec. produced the TV series “Cover Me: based on the true life of a FBI family”

Shaun signs a 3 year contract with Universal to produce and create TV programs


Exec. produced, wrote and was show runner for the TV series “The Agency”

Sang the intro theme song for an episode of “The Agency:  Thanksgiving”


Shaun & Susan dissolve their marriage after 8 years

Shaun’s son Jake graduates from high school.  Decides on a career of film production and attends Boston University.

Shaun switches studios, and signs a 2 year contact with Warner Bros. and continues exec. producing.

Exec. produces the TV series “Cold Case


Shaun continues work, and had several project he was working on.

Created and produced the TV series “The Mountain”

Shaun’s daughter Caitlin graduates from College with a degree in Fine Arts

August 28 – Shaun marries producer Tracey Turner in a lovely wedding in a vineyard


Shaun creates and exec. produces a TV show “Invasion”

Welcomes the arrival of his 4th child, a son named Caleb on March 3


Shaun once again switches studios and signs a 2 year contact with touchstone television

Welcome child #5, son Roan  on September 23


Shaun creates the screenplay for TV series “Inseparable”  which has yet to air.

Welcomes child #6, a daughter named Lila in December


Shaun get his family involved, when he creates/produces, the TV series “Ruby and the Rockets” starring his brothers Patrick and David.  Brother Ryan is the set designer, and sis-in-law Melissa is the choreographer.  Daughter Caitlin is make-up.


Shaun makes hearts swoon again, when he appears on Oprah Winfrey’s finale episodes, and sings his top 3 songs.


Currently is in pre-production and creation with Kimberly Paisley productions, as well as another production, hopefully to air late 2011 or early 2012.

Recently welcomed child #7 (Yes I said Seven), a daughter name Mairin in June.

Shaun has left Disney Studios and is back at Universal Studios.

Currently the Pilot to “Hysteria” is airing online on the Amazon channel.

Shaun join Twitter under shaunpcassidy, and also starts a facebook page.